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We are motorcycle enthusiasts, representing all branches of the United States armed forces who strive to maintain the comradery, esprit de corps, and sense of belonging and purpose that can only be found in the United States military.  We are a family of likeminded people with similar values and goals; we will help each other grow as human beings and achieve our goals.


Through riding motorcycles, ministry, community outreach and partnering with local resources, reduce the number of homeless veterans, assist veterans and women and children in need in our communities; we were called to serve our country, now we will serve our community.


Through outreach with the local homeless community, we search for homeless veterans looking to improve their situation.  we provide meals and supplies to homeless and veterans, building trust and cooperation to assist our search.  Fallen Ones has access to several services and programs to assist our veterans, including contacts with housing officials, Veterans Administration (VA) services, drug and alcohol counseling and medical assistance.  Veteran homelessness is a travesty.  If you know or are aware of a homeless veteran or a veteran in need, contact us so that we can seek them out and offer then access to the services that they have earned.



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